Life Enrichment

Excursions = Opportunities for Learning

When you think about the cost of music lessons and sports lessons, and then add in a membership to a local museum, it is easy to see how children living in poverty miss out on many of life's enriching experiences. The difference these can make in a child's education is addressed here. With thanks for the donations that so many people have given, the children in Path To Shine are building their life experiences. From an "all-you-can-eat" restaurant buffet to a Braves baseball game, an animal shelter to the movies, museum visits to a Trolley Bus ride. Contact us if you have an idea or a connection for an outing that the children would enjoy.

Donate NowSummer Break = Educational Slide
School's out and for many children this is a time for excursions and the opportunities for learning referenced above. But for children living with poverty, the “achievement gap” gets wider and they fall further behind. Malcolm Gladwell said it best in his book Outliers: The Story of Success: “Virtually all of the advantage that wealthy students have over poor students is the result of differences in the way privileged kids learn when they are not in school…. America doesn’t have a school problem. It has a summer vacation problem.”  With summer instruction, under-served children can maintain the skills learned during the school year, and start the next school year ready to learn instead of immediately struggling to keep up.

Donate NowVan Rental and Admission Donations
Transportation and admissions costs are one of the biggest obstacles to providing enrichment outings for the children in our programs. Please consider donating to help with those costs.

Donate NowSummertime Enrichment
Path To Shine offers Vacation Bible School at many of our locations for the children enrolled in our programs. We also work with organizations that provide summer lunches, and use this opportunity as a time to connect with the children and to invite them into some fun learning. We share theme-based activities and lessons incorporating not only the educational component but also story-time, crafts, and play-time; and we hand out books for the children to take home.