Mission & Vision

At Path To Shine we seek to inspire children to achieve hope-filled dreams by educating and encouraging them through free mentoring, tutoring and enrichment programs, while motivating people who can make a difference in a child's life. 

We need hundreds of programs in Georgia to impact the 500,000+ children who need it the most. In August of 2010 there was one program; now there are fifteen and soon there will be eighteen. Our goal is "20 by 20" - twenty programs by 2020! We can achieve this by sharing our cost-effective program, reaching out to other faith communities, and encouraging people to take the first step - to start where they can start.  We are here to help you! Read here and find out what our Canton Affiliate had to say.

Our History

It all started one April evening in 2010 when “Susan” arrived at a shelter where our Executive Director was a volunteer. “Susan” was accompanied by her 4 year old, her 18 month old and her 5 month old twins.

As if that wasn’t enough she was pregnant with her fifth child, and she was only 19 years old.  Driving home the questions came: What was going to happen to the children? How could Susan let herself get pregnant for the fourth time? And then the realization: What was Susan’s story? What role models did she have as she was growing up? Who was in her life to guide her on to a different path?

Perhaps sharing different messages with children before they got involved with drugs and gangs could make a difference. Perhaps stressing the importance of graduating from high school and having dreams of a brighter future could make a difference. Perhaps simply being there to listen - to listen and encourage, would ultimately help a child choose a different path—a Path To Shine. Our first program started in Smyrna.  We partnered with an elementary school and used space at the church next door.  We jumped in with books and snacks and willing volunteers. We played games and read stories and talked about life. We learned a lot that first year! And we want to share our model with you so more children can choose a Path to Shine.