Meet our Director

Chris Ferguson joined Path to Shine in May 2024 as Executive Director. Chris’ transition to Path to Shine marks an impactful chapter in his journey. As a native of Georgia deeply entrenched in Atlanta’s non-profit world, he’s quietly contributed to the sector’s heartbeat for years. From social work to program management and fundraising, Chris has navigated these roles with a quiet determination, leaving a meaningful imprint at esteemed institutions like the Atlanta Community Food Bank and Midtown Assistance Center (MAC).

With a genuine desire for change and a dedication to uplifting others, Chris steps into his new role with a sense of purpose. His experiences as an after-school teacher and reading tutor underscore his commitment to making a difference in the lives of children.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Chris finds solace in the simple joys of gardening, a reflection of his nurturing spirit and connection to his roots in Atlanta. He also enjoys visiting his sister, who is a school teacher, in Charleston, and his mom, a retired teacher, in Myrtle Beach.

As he assumes leadership at Path to Shine, Chris brings a blend of experience, enthusiasm, and humility. Chris is excited to be at the helm, confident the organization is poised for a bright future, driven by a genuine desire to serve its community.