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..... we have been mentoring elementary-school children to foster their dreams. Now serving from 16 locations in 10 counties across middle and north Georgia.

A Typical Path To Shine Day

Children and adults start each session by placing a sticker by their name on the sticker chart as a way to keep attendance. The Mentors then work with the same students each week, helping with homework, reading together...MORE >

Share the Love 2019

Thanks to a lot of people, we raised over $10,000.  The first item on the agenda? Buying books!MORE >

Meet our Director,
Deacon Lesley-Ann Drake

who began working full-time with Path To Shine in January 2011. Ordained a permanent deacon in the Episcopal Church in 2011, Lesley-Ann is currently assigned to St. Patrick's in Dunwoody. MORE >


story, one child

It was an exciting day at Path To Shine when a professional videography crew came to shoot some footage for the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta. The equipment was big and there was a lot of it, so it caused quite a stir!  We asked a couple of the children if they would answer some questions for Mr. Wes. Julio immediately said, 'Yes!' This was a big deal when you consider that 4 years ago, as a new kindergartner and Path To Shine participant, Julio would pretty much only say "yes" or "please".

At the end of the day, the children went home, and I had a few minutes to talk to Mr. Wes. He told me that after he had finished interviewing Julio, he asked if there was anything else that Julio wanted to say. Julio responded by asking Mr. Wes questions, by interviewing the interviewer! Mr. Wes said that in all the years of doing this work, he had never had an interviewee start interviewing him.

We were so proud of Julio! What an enormous change for him! Confident enough to ask an adult questions because he has practised that with Path To Shine. Knowledgable enough to know that asking questions is the smart thing to do. Secure enough in his ever-growing life skills to take a risk. So glad this young man is a part of Path To Shine!