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Since 2010...

we have been mentoring elementary-school children to foster their dreams. Now serving from 16 locations in 10 counties across middle and north Georgia.

Bishop Wright Invites You to Day at the Braves!!!

Ugly Pants & Low Country Boil

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Meet our Director,
Deacon Lesley-Ann Drake

who began working full-time with Path To Shine in January 2011. Ordained a permanent deacon in the Episcopal Church in 2011, Lesley-Ann is currently assigned to St. Patrick's in Dunwoody. MORE >

Day at the Braves

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Sunday Aug 18th at 1:20pm against the L.A. Dodgers. Have fun and support Path To Shine® at the same time. Tickets are $23 pp (same as retail) and we've got a t-shirt for you as well. REGISTER HERE FOR YOUR TICKETS & T-SHIRT

On game day, August 18, 2019 stop by St. Benedict's Episcopal Church at 10:30AM for worship with hundreds of other Episcopalians. Pick up your t-shirt, and then head on over to the Suntrust Park  only 4 miles away. Day at the Braves is a perfect way to have fund with friends while watching baseball and supporting Path To Shine®.

Can't make it on August 18th, but still want to help out. Buy a ticket for a friend!

Sponsors: Want the name of your business on our t-shirts? Contact us, and we'll tell you how you can do just that! Thank you Carolina Lumber & Supply Company for being our lead sponsor

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Making a Difference During Summer Break

With a population greater than 25,000 and a poverty rate of 21%, it's easy to see that we have our work cut out for us,especially in areas like Canton, Georgia. According to Welfare Info, one in every fourth resident of Canton lives in poverty. In fact, Canton has a higher percentage of residents living below the poverty line when compared to the rest of Georgia.

Summer break often paints a bleak picture for our children. In addition to not having many opportunities to engage academically, during summer break, our children often miss out on school breakfast, school lunch, and chances to develop social skills that greatly improve the possibility  that they will grow into well-rounded, successful adults.

Path To Shine has been operating in Canton since 2013, and under the leadership of committed Mentors it has become one of our largest programs. In an effort to stand in the gap with our children over the summer break, Path To Shine-Canton recently took our children to Tellus Science Museum in Cartersville, Georgia. The children were able to see rare minerals up close, conduct an archaeology dig, and everyone received a great astronomy lesson. A great time was had by all!

This one example of how Path To Shine works tirelessly to support our children over summer break. With our newest program, at St. Jude's/San Judas in Marietta opening in the fall, we are now up and running in 17 locations across north and middle Georgia.

As always, we are thankful for your generous support. During the summer months we are especially thankful for your support of our Enrichment Programs. To read more about our 17 locations and what we're doing to dismantle poverty, please click here.