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Path To Shine®, Inc. is a nonprofit mentoring program for K-5 elementary school children.  Encouraging children to DREAM BIG is our mission, and helping these children fall in love with learning is our goal.  We know that when children love to learn, so many successful paths become available to them.  It’s the key to unlocking their PATH TO SHINE both in and out of the classroom!

Every facet of the PTS program is FREE to the children who put their trust in our mentors. With 13 programs and counting, expanding free access to mentorship to more children across Georgia is a tall order to fill.  The lion’s share of our funding is raised through direct donations from generous individuals just like you, who understand the powerful impact mentorship has on the lives of children.  We are in constant discussions with community leaders and businesses who are looking to open more PTS programs, and we need your help to reach the children in their communities who need mentorship.  Let’s face it – EVERY CHILD benefits from mentorship.  So please join the hundreds that continue to support Path To Shine’s work as we seek to give every child access to a life-changing mentor!  Donate today and make an impact on a child’s life!



Mentored youth outpace their peers in numerous areas.

less likely to skip a day of school

more likely to volunteer regularly

more likely to hold leadership positions

more likely to enroll in higher education

less likely to use illegal drugs

less likely to start drinking


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