Path To Shine®…

Since 2010

We have been mentoring elementary-school children to foster their dreams. Serving from 14 locations in 10 counties across middle and north Georgia.

A Typical Path To Shine Day

Children and adults start each session by placing a sticker by their name on the sticker chart as a way to keep attendance. The Mentors then work with the same students each week, helping with homework, reading together...MORE >

October 20th & 22nd

The 10th annual Ugly Pants event offers Saturday night dinner & show with auction, and/or Monday golf tournament. Early registration begins May 1st! MORE >

Meet our Director,
Deacon Lesley-Ann Drake

who began working full-time with Path To Shine in January 2011. Ordained a permanent deacon in the Episcopal Church in 2011, Lesley-Ann is currently assigned to St. Aidan's in Milton. MORE >


story, one child

It was a hot Sunday afternoon in Atlanta! We had rented 2 vans and had 18 very excited children plus 6 adult chaperones all ready to go to Turner Field, the former Braves Stadium, to see a baseball game. We ate lunch and handed out white caps and name tags. We piled into vans with coolers of water and bags of snacks. As we drove downtown the vans were full of delighted squeals and lots of chatter. After we parked we assembled everyone for the walk to the stadium and then up multiple levels to the “nosebleed section”. But when we got there: what a gift! The view was spectacular, and as a bonus the roof gave us protection from the sun. The game score was not the most important element to track that day. The unceasing smiles were! And the knowledge that this group of children had now experienced a professional baseball game. Their life experience was enriched; their worldview had been expanded, all thanks to willing adult volunteers, and about $600 for van rentals and food. The ride home was much quieter as many of the children slept, exhausted from the excitement. It was a great Path To Shine® day!