Fund the Gap

Providing scholarships to bright Path To Shine graduates for middle school, helping their academic promise become a reality.


Opportunities have long been available to people with the right connections. (Read this great article) But what if the academic scholarship at a nearby independent school is not on your radar simply because no-one told you about it? Or what if you know about it, and you win a full tuition scholarship but you still cannot afford to attend because of the extra costs involved in attending an independent school as opposed to the local public school - costs such as transportation, books, uniforms, lunch, activity fees and more?

At Path To Shine we want to be able to support bright, motivated students as they move on to middle school by providing them with information about scholarships at nearby schools, and then giving them $1,500 annually in financial support to cover the additional expenses, once they are awarded an academic scholarship.

We have already supported one student and he did exceptionally well. He was happy, academically challenged, and focused. His parents' joy was almost palpable. We made an enormous difference in this young man's life, and helped him to get closer to his dream of becoming a lawyer.

We are calling this program "Fund the Gap" and we hope you will join us, so that we can provide access to more resources for more children to get closer to their hope-filled dreams.