North Atlanta

St. Bede's Episcopal Church
2601 Henderson Mill Rd,
Atlanta, GA 30345
Phone: 770-938-9797

Our North Atlanta program works with children on Tuesday evenings while their parents are learning English as a Second Language at St. Bede's Episcopal Church. We hope that the parents and children encourage each other to attend class and do their homework! To volunteer for this program, please contact Anita.

Donate a New Book to a North Atlanta Program Participant

Many children in our programs have limited access to books. Please help us spread the love of reading and provide a few new books to a program participant. Through an organization called First Book, Path To Shine is able to purchase brand new books for program participants for pennies on the dollar. First Book prices range from 45 cents to $5 per book. Your donation of $5 will enable us to purchase at least one new book for a child in this program.

Spring 2017 Update
"The best year yet!" were the words of Anita Montelione, the Affiliate Director at St. Bede's. Earlier this year the children learned the history of Valentine's Day and made cards for those special in their hearts; they dyed eggs for Easter, and ended the year by making Mother's Day cards.
During the semester the children also heard the story of Curious George and the Pizza Party, and made their own homemade pizzas in the church kitchen. They also attended a performance of the Decatur City Dance Co. and an ice hockey game.
St Bede's Episcopal Church has an annual Easter egg hunt where children find eggs stuffed with "Bede's bucks", that are then turned in for candy and real dollars. The children decided to have Path To Shine be one of the recipients of the money to be used for providing simple meals to the children in Path To Shine, some of whom do not have dinner to eat every day.
The year ended with field day, our tradition for each of the 4 years we have been running the program. The children competed in a 3 legged race, an egg and spoon race, a water balloon toss, and several other events. As usual the water balloons were the "hit" of the evening.
​We were fortunate to have all our students attend the entire year with no one moving or leaving the program. A milestone this year is the graduation of one of our students who has been in our program since its inception four years ago.