St. Edward's Episcopal Church
737 Moon Rd,
Lawrenceville, GA 30046
Phone: 770-963-6128

Beginning in November of 2016, volunteers from St. Edward's Episcopal Church in Lawrenceville started to work with children from the nearby elementary school.  Keeping the model of small programs and no more than 2 children per adult Mentor, the group meets each week in the school cafeteria. Taking time to play and eat snack gives the children a break between the end of the school day, and the start of settling down to homework and reading with their Mentor. We know the children benefit from the extra support and attention given each week, and we are encouraged by the positive conversations with the Asst. Principal.  If you would like to help with this program, please click here to contact Michael Lyons.

Donate a New Book to a Lawrenceville Program Participant

Many children in our programs have limited access to books. Please help us spread the love of reading and provide a few new books to a program participant. Through an organization called First Book, Path To Shine is able to purchase brand new books for program participants for pennies on the dollar. First Book prices range from 45 cents to $5 per book. Your donation of $5 will enable us to purchase at least one new book for a child in this program.

Spring 2017 Update
New programs can take some patience to get started, and that's exactly what the volunteers at St Edwards had! When transportation turned out to be a barrier, the program was moved from the church to the school. Each week, the children gather in the cafeteria after dismissal from their classrooms where they meet the volunteers. There is time to go outside to play and let off steam. When they come back in, the children eat a snack and then everyone settles in quickly with their volunteer. Story-time is also included before they go home.
A successful 2017 first semester was demonstrated when children made progress, and wanted to return. As Michael tells us, "I was working with J., our only the fifth grader. He is very bright! He is Hispanic with very good reading skills but weaker in Math. Last week I told him how much he has improved. He will be ready for sixth grade. It fills me with joy to see how he has progressed! This is why I do this ministry!" That about sums it up - joy working with children!