Operations Manager

Meet our Operations Manager

Christopher McAbee is a Georgia native with extensive experience in non-profit fundraising, outreach and organization. Prior to coming to Path To Shine®, Christopher worked with AIDS Alliance of Northwest Georgia where he served on the Board of Directors for several years, managed multiple successful fundraising events, and coordinated a client transportation and housing program. Christopher is an active member of the Episcopal Church of the Ascension in Cartersville, Georgia. At Church of the Ascension, he serves in various roles. While currently serving as chairperson for Christian Formation is a delight, he adds that he, “most enjoyed serving as Vestry Liaison to Outreach.” Christopher fondly recalls when Red Door Food Pantry was nothing more than a walk-through food pantry in a hallway but through successful fundraising, planning, and grant writing, Red Door Food Pantry has grown and now includes a mobile food pantry that faithfully serves southern Bartow County. According to Christopher, providing nutrition, education, and access to resources are key to dismantling generational poverty. 

Christopher holds a BA in History from the University of Utah. As a social historian, Christopher studied the process of creating “others” within Early Stuart parish settings. His work on Eucharistic Table Manners is published in UofU’s academic journal The Historian. Not surprisingly, Christopher’s work at the UofU translated seamlessly into his current projects related to community.

Since returning to Georgia in 2014, Christopher devotes himself to building strong community in Bartow County. He believes conflict, differences of opinion, and discord within communities can be overcome by relationships founded on mutual respect and kindness. Christopher is a member of Bartow Diversity Open Forum, Recovery Bartow, Bartow Sober Society, Conversations about Faith, LGBT Families of Cartersville, and Theater Extreme.

Christopher relishes any opportunity to speak Spanish. He is an avid gardener, church history nerd, wannabe theologian, and blogger. He resides in Cartersville, Georgia with his husband, their two dogs, Budd and Delilah, and one not so friendly house cat, the reverend Pat Robertson. Christopher looks forward to serving with Path To Shine® .