Share The Love with Path To Shine®!

Path To Shine is a unique program that provides small-ratio tutoring and mentorship to elementary school children in 14 different locations across middle and north Georgia.

Throughout February—the celebrated month of love—we are asking you to "Share The Love" by donating $28 to Path To Shine (that's $1 per day for the month of February). And then share again via Facebook and Twitter inviting your friends, relatives and social networks to join in our celebration of love. Why is your quirky gift of $28 in February so important?

Because living in poverty = fewer resources at home = more likely to drop-out of high school = fast-track to prison.

Because every child deserves access to high quality education but our public education system is funded in such a way that wealthier children attend schools with more resources, and poor children go to schools with fewer resources. And school resources affect life-long outcomes.

Because no child asked to be born into a household where food might not be available, and utilities might be cut off.

Because children living in poverty need caring, committed mentors and tutors who inspire kids to have hope-filled dreams and see their own paths to becoming successful adults.

And because these children are Path To Shine's mission. Every week over 160 children
receive tutoring and encouragment from more than 130 volunteers in 14 Path To Shine
programs across Middle and North Georgia.