Meet Our Education Consultant

The Rev. Edith Woodling joined Path To Shine in the fall of 2014. Having spent more than 40 years in education, she brings a wealth of experience. Her primary roles are to oversee curriculum, and to partner with our Executive Director to deliver quality training.

An open letter from the Rev. Edith Woodling:

Dear friends,
It is wonderful to be part of the great adventure of Path To Shine!  I have enjoyed meeting many of you and seeing the great work you are doing with children.  It is clear to me that the close bond between student and Mentor that is the model for our program is a crucial one for a child’s success in school and in the larger community.  Children come to know that there is someone outside of their family who cares deeply about his/her well-being and looks forward to seeing them each week.  Children develop a deep sense of trust and confidence as they go through our program and on into middle school when they know they can count on their Mentor. This is why it is essential to keep to the ratio of no more than two students for each Mentor.

We have academic resources available to you on-line in addition to the books that we provide.  Since our focus is on completing homework, providing enrichment, and encouraging reading during each session, having academic resources on hand will also give your student the opportunity to learn and grow during the time you have together, even after homework is completed.   Reading and writing is an essential part of each week’s activity with your student.

A final, note--now is the time to find and contact those people in your community who are not regular volunteers but who could be asked to present a group session with the children.  These guests serve as role models, whatever their profession or area of expertise, as children explore their interests and broaden their world.

Here’s to many years of learning and growing together!

The Reverend Edith W. Woodling, Deacon
Path To Shine, Educational Consultant